Sustainability & Traceability

Nedcoffee values responsible business practices and therefore has concentrated on sourcing directly from farmers through self owned processing and exporting companies in origin.

Nedcoffee is implementing traceability and is a member of several initiatives supporting sustainable development, including UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance and 4C.
Nedcoffee and its sister companies are pre-financing over 15 million us dollars to coffee and cocoa producers.


Nedcofee believes traceability is important because it links end-consumers directly with the many small farmers, those who produce anywhere from three to ten tons annually, who produced our coffee. This allows these farmers to benefit from a more transparent model of trade that includes technical assistance, pre-financing, and free warehousing. Today, 20% of our volume can be traced to the individual farmer and we would like to increase this percentage, because we believe traceability allows all stakeholders in the entire coffee supply chain to benefit from better pricing, long-term trading relationships and improved quality.


Nedcoffee began its certification program in various coffee producing areas in 2007, and all of our sourcing/ exporting companies have created a "sustainability" department. And, by being an active player in the global market, we are able to cater to the preferences of both large and small roasters.

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