India Private Ltd

In 2001, our sister company Nedcommodities India acquired the location from where they currently operate. All has been thoroughly renovated, new warehouses were built, and the whole machinery line was renewed with the latest technology, turning it into the largest and most flexible mill in India. Its clientele can enjoy custom-made qualities constantly controlled by our quality & logistical department. It hourly produces 6 tonnes of all Indian varieties available, namely Robusta Cherry, Robusta Parchment, Arabica Plantation, and Arabica Cherry. With a storage capacity of 200.000 bags, shipments from both Mangalore or Cochin are possible. Our current key focus is to have full traceability and support of farmers in order to meet a variety of sustainable standards set by several certification organizations. As Indian farms historically grow their products in the most balanced and therefore sustainable way, such a certification is bound to succeed.

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